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Alternative Treatments for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome By Mari Skelly, Helen Walker


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" the exercices include cervical traction"

So far cervical traction is one of the more powerful remedy I found for my syndrome.

I don't have OI, and probably not any brainstem implication in my illness, but mostly cervical spine involvement.
I tried inversion table but got strong nausea. I also felt uncomfortable with the jaw position (projected backward by gravity).

So I moved back to the technic I used to relax my neck muscle. It does a great job to do a correct cervical traction with a weight force of about 6 kg (the weight of the head), which means not far from 10% of body weight.
10% traction was found to be the best weight to relieve pain and improve mobility in spondylosis patients in this modest study:

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