Almost instant pain reaction to Sugar


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I mainly try to maintain a High fat diet with minimal sugar (as do many) but should I accidentally or intentionally indulge in anything slightly sugary, even a piece of fruit, within 30 mins (or sometimes as little as 10) it can evoke all of my Fibro symptoms. Firstly Pain in typical areas, forearms, hips and then a tight chest and slight breathlessness, increased heart rate and irritability/feeling of unease, then TMJ Pain and cracking, the muscle pain all over becomes stiffness and also leads to crepitus/cracking, then comes the brain fog.

So as you can imagine, eating any sugar is a far from pleasant experience for me, in fact I wince at any nice treats now like GF Chocolate cake or even something as simple as a slice of mango. I am trying to making sense of why this happens?! IS it bacteria in my gut feeding on the sugar and kicking out toxins into the blood stream and increasing inflammation, is it simply leaky gut and the sugar is leaking into the blood? someone suggested that it could be due to PDH and glucose being converted straight to Lactate? Someone else suggested that this sounded more Lyme related.....

Any thoughts would be appreciated? do others with ME experience this symptom? From what I have read it seems that people experience more neurological symptoms when eating sugar....

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I can relate. Thankfully I am not quite so sensitive to fruits as you are, but any other form of sugary food can bring on unpleasant symptoms. A sort of wire/tired/fried mental sensation, along with muscle aches. I use baking soda for muscle aches (I drink it) and it seems to help with the other sensations too, perhaps suggesting that sugar might cause the build up of lactate or whatever acid they think it is now.... Like you I keep away from sugars as much as I can.


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I started a ketogenic diet because of an extreme intolerance to carb foods. The scariest symptom was Orthostatic Intolerance within an hour of eating them.

Glucose intolerance is a symptom of both copper deficiency and iron overload, both of which I have had.

I haven't veered from the keto diet - fear of falling stops me, but I wonder if I may be more tolerant now.

Having sibo in the past also caused symptoms, in the gut, sinuses, from having carbs. There were neuro symptoms,like migraines and neuropathy.

Microbes do produce lactic acid and nitric oxide. Too much causes pain.

I've had joint and muscle pain since early childhood. Inflammation/ infections can cause this, as well as deposition of minerals like calcium and iron in the muscles and joints.


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Hi there, have u had a 2hr Glucose tollerance test with the insulin levels tested at same time? Generally the insulin results are not tested with the that the 2hr GTT unless a dr puts on the form for them to be so.

(Note -care has to be taken with taking this blood to a lab if there isnt a lab at the site as the insulin in the sample if its not centifuged and put onto ice during transport can degrade in transport and then can give a wrong test result).

After u eat sugars/carbs, insulin goes up. You need to be tested if you havent had it done for hyperinsulinemmia Most drs are unware that hyperinsulinemia can cause a wide range of symptoms, my specialist who is a researcher in that field calls it the pandora's box of illnesses as it can cause so many different problems in some people (on his website he also does have a page about correct testing of insulin).

I have hyperinsulinemia after I eat and it causes me more fatigue, mood swings it causes me irritability, anger and unease, and a sore throat I assume it must negatively affect my immune system.

If u have this problem its important to know as it means you are going to develop diabetes if you arent careful with diet. Im on a very strict diet due to this issue but unfortunately it seems Im stil going to end up diabetic even with taking care with my diet as my sugar now at times when I do breach diet now does go into diabetic range.

anyway, from your post Im thinking its probably hyperinsulinemia and the only way u will know that is by blood tests. (first time I was tested thou 2 drs was sure I had this but it came out negative, fortunately they were so sure I had this causing my symptoms they got me to go and have testing again, this time it showed up very high abnormal insulin ... and since then my sugar has gone up too).

I forgot to add, I can get symptom from insulin spike very quickly eg 10-20mins. I flipped out for no reason at all emotionally and smashed a car window one time due to this issue 15mins after eatting something which was very high carb which I was unaware it was high carb at the time. Double checked all the ingredients after that episode thinking it could of only been caused by what I'd just ate and sure enough I'd just breached my low carb diet in a very big way. Thank God that excellent drs had figured out I had that issue and knew what to test for.
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