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All I want for Christmas is ........


Senior Member
All I want for Christmas is a big building in the country where I can open a lovely, tranquil healing centre for those who have been traumatized elsewhere.

Is a big building too much to ask for?

Oh, and, of course, World Peace. (You may not know that whatever peace there may be is kept alive by a small group of incredibly neurotic people who began using each and every wish (birthday cakes, stars, every one) for World Peace as children and cannot stop as adults. All hell would break loose without us.)

Anyway, a Christmas present is not a wish!

So, for Christmas, I want a big building in the country, on a river (why not!) where I will open the official Centre for Peace for those who suffer from neuro-immune diseases.

why not!


Down With the Sickness
Thank you for the Peace, Koan!

All I want for Christmas is to spend a few weeks at Koan's Centre for Peace (and the Medically Traumatized). I guess I'll have to get myself a passport if I want to go to Canada now.

Brainfog lights would be helpful, too!

Oh, and of course a cure for this DD! For everyone!


Senior Member
Melbourne, Australia
All I want for Christmas is a................computer that Bl--dy well works!

(& I shall say a sincere apology to my generous neighbour Sue, who kindly let me swear on her laptop just now & is even more generously offering me a Gin & Tonic as I type).

Of course ;););), you all know that I don't drink, so hold the Gin, Sue, & give me the bottle of Tonic with a long straw.

PS. Sueeeeeeee, I said HOLD THE GIN !

(At least she's given me a piece of lemon to soak up the Gin)

PPS And I almost forgot, Pleeeeeese Santa, can I have a new body for Christmas. Preferably one that works, also. No good fixing my computer & giving me the old body back on Christmas morning. I want my 36-24-36 figure back, all my organs in perfect running order, & please, please Santa, can you please iron out all the wrinkles. If you can't iron out ALL the wrinkles, can you please iron out the wrinkles on my face, so there are not waterfalls of perspiration running down the vertical groves on my face. I think I can manage to hide the wrinkles on the rest of my birthday suit.


Senior Member
Bay Area, California
All I want for Christmas is to go back into remission and I want to go to Koan's official Centre for Peace too.



All I want for Christmas is to find out what happens at the end of Die Hard 3 :D

I'd be quite happy this Christmas to be playing Monopoly with my family after eating a huge Christmas dinner while cramming in some homemade biscotti with a glass of dry white wine. Hopefully that's what I'll get as I've bought Monopoly, enforced family fun! I also hope everyone likes their presents, I can just imagine sitting with my niece sketching and writing in her beautiful ornate notebook (she's so creative), my husband will be in the conservatory making a toy hovercraft with my nephew, my mum will still be giggling at her present, my dad will be opening his favourite bottle of red wine and my brother and sister-in-law will be holding mugs of tea while making googly eyes at each other. I can't hint at what I've got my OH in case he reads this!

I think I'll be getting what I want this year. :)


for UK doctors to believe us instead of treating us like a pieces of malingering scum

and to be able to sleep & be able to walk more than a few yards

& much less pain


Senior Member
:) go to a cool island and just be happy and heathy and escape the holidays and crazy people-esp normals-incl crazy family oh and some dark chocolate and cool frends please