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Advice please...immune support for cold season


Senior Member
west yorkshire
I'm slowly recovering from a major relpase, to the point where in August I was able to return to work very part time. I'm in the UK and have found September very hard going. I've been either "fighting" a cold or experiencing full-on cold/viral symptoms all month- every single day. This has had a big impact on my overall ME symptoms and I've had to spend much more time resting again and am struggling to do my very reduced hours. I think my immune system is affected and viral infections were the trigger for both my bouts of ME.

2 questions; many folk on here seem to have a good idea of what their immune systems are doing, talk of NK cells and the like. I was given an immunological screen (standard NHS) and told my results were normal. Were these tests just ruling out well-known immune disorders? How do I find out more info?

What can I do to naturally boost my immune system to try and get my body to fight off these infections? I used to use echinacea, but I'm not sure. I'm using raw garlic and high-ish dose Vit C (3g per day) and have some bee propolis on order?

It really feels right now as if these niggling colds and viruses could really sabotage my recovery and certainly my ability to work. I was making steady progress and now I could just cry. Any help/advice much appreciated.