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Acute severe stress


Senior Member
I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this...

In response to a severe acute stress (like selling your house or dealing with a death in the family), has anyone else noticed they can cope TEMPORARILY better than normal with an increase in activity? I'm talking weeks of daily stress, not more than 1 month.

There is the inevitable crash some time later, but is anyone else able to get through a short term increase in what they do daily because of the surge of stress hormones?


Senior Member
Yes, Plum, I think most mothers would fall into that category when they have to. That's not even close to what you're talking about, but most people do what they have to do.

In our case, we lost both of our mothers within l yr. of each other. It was back and forth to England, back and forth to W. Pa., and it was hard but we were needed. I think that brings out the ability in us to do these things.

In my case, I wasn't in any position to attend the funerals. Yes, I wish I could have, but I did what was far more necessary and had already said my good-byes. I gave of myself when it was needed and my body let me do it.
Later was a different story. So, yes, I think stress hormones help...and then we pay for it. Yours, Lenora