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Acupressure Mats for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief ?


Senior Member
Ashland, Oregon
A friend and his wife recently purchased an acupressure mat, and have really enjoyed having it. At only $26.95, I am leaning toward giving this a try. Thought I'd post the Amazon link which describes it; it also has reviews from those of have used it. Following is the first review; fibromyalgia is mentioned as being helped by the mat:

I purchased four different Shakti mats in January of this year after the Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine published a study that reported that Shakti-mats improved relaxation. Of the four different brands that I purchased, this is the brand that my patients reported provided the most relief for their back pain, fibromyalgia pain and stress. This mat is made of high quality material and the acupressure points are positioned perfectly. I highly recommend this product for patients with pain...
Here's the link to the product.

Has anybody already tried this?

Best, Wayne


San Francisco
Well, it is certainly better suited for people who have mainly issues with their back although pain in the front can originate in the back as well. It's a little uncomfortable lying on it face down since it's very thin, lying on the back is much more pleasant. Also if you're wearing a t-shirt you can hardly feel anything, so not easy to do it in a public place. Other than that the pricking points are quite stimulating and I think they do what they are supposed to do. All in all it's not great but ok - will definitely use it though.

perchance dreamer

Senior Member
I ordered the Heavenly Acupressure Mat and got it yesterday. I'm really happy with it.

I have fibro pain in my neck and back as well as osteoarthritis, bone spurs, and bulging discs. I frequently have muscle spasms and inflammation.

After lying on the mat, I feel like I used to after an acupuncturist would do cupping on me. It feels as if there is a powerful infusion of blood to my back. I think it's the revved up circulation that makes my back feel better.

When I did it last night, shortly before bed, I felt really energized afterward, which is not what you want for sleep. So I took some glycine supplements and calmed back down.

I'm using it on bare skin and can't lie on it for very long yet. Those little spikes are sharp suckers, and I think it might take me a while to get desensitized. However, even 10 minutes gets me some pain relief.

Thanks for bringing up this subject, Wayne! I also got an earthing sheet when you introduced that thread, and it's helped me a lot, too.


senior member
Concord, NH
Hello Dreamer,

Where did you order yours from? The link Wayne provided? So you paid about 35$?



perchance dreamer

Senior Member
I ordered my mat from Amazon, and it was $34.95. With the shipping, the total was $48.75.

What puzzled me is that when I ordered it, the shipping was supposed to be FedEx. I tracked it from the FedEx web site.

However, I actually received it from the USPS.

Anyway, for about $50, I've gotten some good pain relief.


Senior Member
If anyone is interested, I have an acupressure mat to give away and will send it within continental US for no cost. My wife used it on occasion several years ago when she was having more pain, but has not used it in some time. She said it helped, so I imagine someone here with pain might find it useful. The mat measures about 2.5 feet by 1.5 feet and is a tasteful light blue. Send me a pm and I'll try to get it in the mail with reasonable speed.


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