Acidophilus or Glutamine allergy?


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For years I've thought that my mother has had problems with leaky gut. Whereas I have MCS, she has a number of food sensitivities (her mouth breaks open). She also has a long list of meds she can't take, and skin problems, like ezcema. She is also on antibiotics often and long-term. Because of this I told her she should be taking probiotics and to try L-glutamine to help with leaky gut. I've taken both without problems.

Within a few days of starting both she developed an itchy rash, on her armpits and elbow area and felt feverish. Allergic to probiotics? I'd never heard of that. Now I feel guilt that I suggested to take anything. I did a search on the net and although probiotics are recommended for leaky gut and some people said a reaction could be toxins releasing or herx reaction, I found a few references to people with leaky gut who react badly (and seriously) to acidophilus, including rashes.

Not wanting to take any chances, I told her to stop the probiotics but continue with Glutamine because I couldn't find any mention of problems with it and some info said to focus on healing the gut before replenishing the good bacteria anyway. Well, apparently it too is a problem, causing the itch to return and making her feel feverish again. I've not found any mention of side effects for Glutamine.

Anyone experience something similar? I know there are several threads on this forum where people mention they cannot take probiotics, although not really what the problem was (other than perhaps digestive issues). One recent thread mentioned that prebiotics look promising. What is a good starting point to help leaky gut if the most common recommended supplements are a problem?

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Hi Kerrilyn,

Has you mam tried dietary interventions, such as removing wheat products, bread etc? Trying gluten free for a week or so, or adding digestive enzymes might help, before adding in supplements to heal the gut. Milk is sometimes a problem too. On another thread someone was saying that slowing down his eating and chewing his food more has really helped his symptoms. I would start with the cheapest, cutting out milk and bread, to see if there is any improvement before trying anything else. Keeping a food diary might be a good option, together with any reactions or improvements that occur, and if you are using supplements, add one at at time and take a good few days before adding another, so reactions can be picked up and noted.




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A naturopath gave me glutamine years ago. It didn't help at all and I read something about it recently which made me realise that it actually did me harm. It might be the glutamate thing, as Diesel suggested. I'm sorry I can't recall the details exactly, or where I read it. If it comes back to me, and I find a useful link, I'll post again. I've posted some info about sulfite/salicylate sensitivity here;!!

Sulfites and salicylates could be triggering some of your mother's symptoms. Eczema is a common reaction.