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A small personal investigation in Pyroluria


Senior Member
last year I tested my urine KPL/HPL levels as I found moderate help from supplementing high dose zinc and B6. I also knew that one cause of elevated HPL is leaky gut, which is an issue for me.

The test came back positive, with mildly elevated KPL = 19.4 (range < 15) and HPL = 387 (range 15-250)

After 3 months of supplementing zinc (40mg) and B6 (50mg) I tested serum zinc / copper and found elevated zinc values, suggesting that the additional zinc was too much.
This also seemed to imply that I wasn't particularly "leaking" zinc... as one would expect with elevated HPL to bind the zinc and flush it in the urine.

The only problem with the blood test was that I did not stop the supplements a few days before, so it didn't show how fast zinc got depleted.

Now I've redone the test by stopping the zinc supplement 4 days earlier and lo and behold my serum level is below range even by taking 35-40mg every day (besides the 4 days pause).

It seems a small pause is enough to drain it from the blood. The intracellular value instead was still in range though.

Serum Zn = 0.7mg/l (range 0.8 - 1.4)
Whole blood Zn = 4.8 (range 5.4 - 6.5)
Intracellular Zn = 11 (range 10.5 - 13.7)
Zn/Cu = 14.6 (range 9-16)

I also checked B6 / P5P which resulted very high, so I am cutting it down.

Moral of the story... mildly elevated KPL/HPL seem to indeed affect zinc levels. If the test is run without stopping the supplement values are high, but they drop very fast with only a few days of abstinence.

I don't know if can generalize from my situation, but I hope this can help people with similar issues.

For me this was helpful to understand how effective is the current Zinc dosage, if it's really necessary or if I am overdoing it (which isn't the case), and how to proceed for the long term.

If anything is unclear let me know