A show that the 4radical theatre company bread and puppet did, based on my suffering with ME/CFS

Please watch if you can
Wishing you the very best, and a rapid recovery @frozenborderline

I was very moved by the healing ritual. Thank you so very much for sharing this special event. :angel:

what wonderful friends you have, to organize such a beautiful ritual. So inspiring.

I did get very emotional, which happens to me with this illness. I feel things so intensely sometimes, its hard to bear it sometimes. I resent that I feel like I have to stifle and suppress deep feelings. They are tied into the physicalities of this impairment.

Feeling is a key reason to be alive, and there is a high tax to pay, at times, it seems, for having them.

We are all cheering for you to feel better.:hug:
Bread and puppet is a very renowned organization in american activism and theatre and art.
If they worked with MEAction or any ME/CFS group official or unofficial to make a largershow, not just like this one th ey did to help me, it could be powerful. They've brought huge amounts of awareness to many causes and also helped Ctually protest many things on site ... they could protest at the NIH. Or protest the toxins that are part of the diseases


One thing I didnt know about them is that suze rotolo (girlfriend of Bob dylan at one time who introduced him to brecht --big influence on b and p) worked for bread and puppet or with them doing fabrication in the village in the 60s