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A sentence of M.E. - A project for M.E. Awareness Week (8-15 May ) 2011


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Our project, launched in plenty of time for M.E. Awareness Week (8-15 May) 2011, A sentence of M.E., has a deliberately obvious double meaning: The horrible experience of this largely invisible and unpredictable disabling illness that seems to some like a prison sentence is, literally, just that for the most severely affected, who are housebound or bedridden.

So, we are asking people, who are affected by M.E, (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), not only as sufferers but also their carers, family, friends, maybe even doctors and nurses, doing their best to care for them, to express how it is in just one sentence, in order to improve public knowledge and raise awareness.

You may wish to use your sentence to tell everyone about a single episode, or about how it is to endure M.E. day after day, year in year out. Its up to you. And you can submit as many sentences as you like. You can do so in your own name or anonymously if you prefer (say, just a first name, or a made up name, or M.E. sufferer, 10 years, London). Well put them all on our website, Facebook, Twitter and M.E. sufferers from all over the world are invited to take part.

There is a universally recognised International M.E. Awareness Day on 12th May every year but, for us, every day is M.E. Awareness Day. So, there is no closing date for this one. Send any sentences you have to drjohngreensmith@mefreeforall.org with A sentence of M.E. in the subject line.

[Note: we have sent this letter to a number of newspapers and magazines in the UK and to other countries that have English language newspapers but if you would like to make sure that we have sent it to your favourite magazine or newspaper (or translated into your native language if you can provide a translation), send us the e-mail address of the editor or letters page and we'll get it to them.]

Best wishes
Dr John H Greensmith
ME Free For All.org

To read the letter from Dr John Greensmith
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click http://mefreeforall.org/wp/m-e-awareness-week-2011-events-around-the-world/

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Dr John H Greensmith
ME Free For All. org