A Molecular network approach reveals shared cellular and molecular signatures between chronic fatigue syndrome and other fatiguing illnesses

"In conclusion, we present an unbiased data driven, network-based approach that identified molecular signatures of CFS and implicates a number of highly coherent co-expression modules to CFS.

For the top 5 modules, the complementary analysis shown here point to a common underlying biology that shares immune and metabolic dysregulation also present in other clinically similar diseases such as Lyme, MIS-C, Kawasaki, and recovering COVID-19.

Moreover, the top KDs we identified as regulators of these CFS-associated modules are biased towards higher pLI scores, indicating that loss of function mutations in these genes cannot be well tolerated, confirming their critical importance to normal system function.

These top KDs we identified for CFS offer interesting points of therapeutic intervention to explore, with the most promising being MXD1, STX3, DYSF, LYN, MLL2, NCOA2, PTPRE, REPS2, RP11-701P16.2, TECPR2, and TUBB1.

To help facilitate continued CFS community research we are also providing an interactive website containing the signatures, modules, KDs, and Bayesian network which can be found here: https://irenefp.github.io/bcellm7.html"

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I've thought for a long time that Chronic Lyme and CFS have the same etiology. I've also thought that "Long Covid" shares the same etiology as well.

My hope is other researchers will continue to make these connections. Maybe that will speed up research to find the cause and a cure for all of these diseases.

Similarities between CFS, COVID-19, and Chronic Lyme Disease have been suggested at a clinical level [3, 24, 25] and our data further suggests a shared molecular etiology among these diseases.