A little confused about enterovirus testing in Europe!


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IMD berlin say they forward the tests to labor stoecker. And when I call labor stoecker they say they dont do neutralization test for enteroviruses.

One of them has to be wrong. Im sending tests to labor stoecker anyways so it would be great if I could just check off the enteroviruses on this requisition as well "https://www.labor-stoecker.de/filea...mjyprBhlCyOra3cwJZe1XljJM0_WkrD1AtC2FLjbMBSe0".

Can someone confirm that labor stoecker do neutralization test on the requisition paper I posted over? Maybe some of you have done it. It would save me some money if they did but if not I will just go ahead and go with Institute of Medical Virology, University Hospital Frankfurt am Main.
@Hip is the guy to talk to about Enterovirus testing. From my own experience with IMD Berlin their communication is terrible, I am not sure where IMD sent my Enterovirus testing, but neutralization testing was done and and the reported to my doctor by fax and sent to me by post eventually.


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There was some confusion about whether the coxsackievirus B and echovirus antibody tests at IMD lab in Germany were using the neutralization method or not.

Some staff at the lab said they were not neutralization, but internal communications in that lab is not great.

So a PR member in Germany contacted the director of the IMD lab to resolve this issue, and the director confirmed that their CVB and echovirus tests are indeed neutralization.

I have also seen lab reports come back from IMD for their CVB an EV testing, and it states on the report that neutralization was used.


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@ChookityPop On Labor Stöcker's order form you can select antibody testing for individual serotypes of coxsackievirus (B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6). If I'm not mistaken this is only possible when performing antibody neutralization tests, as other serology techniques can't differentiate between different serotypes. Weirdly enough their specifications list only includes coxsackievirus IFT tests. So either their order form is wrong, or their specification list is. I would send them an e-mail explaining the inconsistencies and ask for a clarification.
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