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A Demon on My Life - Superb Play on ME/CFS - Available Online


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Really surprised how right they got this. The creator of the play used a close friend to learn about ME/CFS. The acting is great as well.

From a review of the play on Health Rising:

I’d never seen a drama about an ME patient before. I haven’t read any fiction about one either. Only the emphatically non-fiction world of medical conferences and science articles, with a few documentaries. Before watching it, I was somewhat skeptical about what it might be like. How to portray, in an interesting and watchable way, a sick person who spends most of their time lying down, unable to leave their house? And to put it on live, via Zoom?

And yet, this group (director/writer, cast and crew) has accomplished this – the play, dedicated to ME patients, tells an interesting, emotionally powerful story centered around a young woman, Liz, who has been sidelined by ME from her career as a dancer, and her husband, Mark.


They would like to get it into the theatres when they open up again. You can watch the play on Youtube. It was done via Zoom with the actors in different locations.