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A Big Thank You To My Loving Family Here!

Derek Conklin

Senior Member
Yakima Washington
I just wanted to give a warm Thank You, to my family here and to all the
Special Golden Hearted :trophy::heart::trophy: People, who have reached out with
such Love and Compassion to encourage me with their prayers and kindness!
I'm currently doing better with the help of all your Love and support from
about a 1 to a Happy 4
:)! Besides that, a few days ago, I received a letter from
SSA, letting me know that my disability case was approved! This seems impossible
because, most CFS disability cases have to go to court to be approved!

My lawyer just mentioned a few weeks ago, that it could take another 12 to 18
months to even get a court date with as far backed up the Washington court
system is! I'm still in shock as I'm sure my lawyer is to, that they decided to
approve it with out going to court in another year or two!
Thank you all again for all your Love! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Senior Member
Northcoast NSW, Australia


Hoarder of biscuits
I"m glad to hear you're feeling better, Derek! :thumbsup::balloons: I've read many of your posts and wasn't sure what I could say to help you, maybe because I was feeling so sad myself.:(

It's good you don't have to meet with a judge and wait forever to receive benefits. I recall going through the SSA system 20 years ago in Washington state and having a court date with an administrative judge. At that time I was in a support group that met face-to-face and each one of us gave feedback on what our date with the judge was like, so that the next person could feel better prepared. Luckily, you don't have to go through that.

Thanks for letting us know that things have improved for you.:hug:

digital dog

Senior Member
I have been reading your story with great sadness and frustration.
I am so glad that something is finally going your way.
Please do try and got hold of some LDN. Perhaps start with a ridiculously small amount (0.1) as you are so sensitive to medications and prone to insomnia. I get dreadful insomnia and couldnt tolerate 0.1 but will try again soon (when strong enough).
You have lost so much (like most of us here) but with time and better health you will slowly put together a life worth living. It will be a different life but after what we have been through, we will appreciate the little things that we never bothered to notice before.