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28/4: Wessely and Fiona Fox (SMC) on how to engage with the media to promote your research

Minor thing, but maybe of some interest given the way that Wessely and the SMC have been using the British media.


Twitter, TV and beyond: using communications to build influence
28th April 2014 (12:45 - 17:00)

Are you new to media engagement and curious about the possibilities?

Are you keen to promote your research on television or on the pages of a national newspaper?

Are you the next social media sensation - engaging the public directly through Twitter?

*Event now also open to non-clinicians*

This workshop aims to support clinical and non-clinical researchers who want to use traditional and social media to spread their influence. You will:

  • Hear from researchers who engage with the media.
  • Learn how to approach media engagement proactively.
  • Network with like-minded clinical academics.
Professor Sophie Scott FMedSci, University College London, will give the keynote talk on her career and why engaging with the media has enhanced her career. Professor Scott is a veteran of Twitter and appears regularly on television. She is even known to do a bit of stand up comedy!

Other speakers include Professor Sir Simon Wessely FMedSci and Fiona Fox.

This FREE event is open to clinical and non-clinical PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. Spaces are limited.

If you have any questions please email mentoring@acmedsci.ac.uk.

Download a full agenda

REF: EVT00145

Event Details
Venue: Academy of Medical Sciences, 41 Portland Place, London, W1B 1QH

28th April 2014 (12:45 - 17:00)

Twitter, TV and beyond

Engage to influence
Professor Sir Simon Wessely FMedSci
Professor of Psychological Medicine, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London
Why all researchers should seek
to engage with the media.
How to build influence through media.

Traditional media
Fiona Fox OBE,
Director, Science Media Centre
Why traditional media is still relevant in the age of social media.
How researchers should go about actively seeking opportunities through the
media and public engagement.