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24 ambulatory ECG

Manchester, UK

I told my GP that my pulse rate drops to the 40s when I crash and now I am having a 24 hour ECG. I don't think it will show anything unless I crash (and I'm obviously not going to make myself crash!.)

Just wondering if anyone else has had this and if it showed anything at all?


Senior Member
South East, England

I've had several short ECGs and they've not showed much more than ectopic beats - I guess you might catch some palpitations on a longer one? I'm due a 24hr or 7 day one soon at the request of an electrophysiologist as part of POTS/hypertension investigation. My bradycardia is pretty significant, mid 40s usually, when crashing it'll drop to high 30s. I really thought the electrophysiologist (and expert in POTS) might be bothered by this but no, not a big concern apparently...

Let us know how you get on :)