2018 AutismOne Conference - Dr. Klinghardt re Retroviruses, Antiretrovirals, Lyme, Suramin


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There are a number of ME CFS patients, physicians and researchers who have noted similarities in symptoms, metabolic pathways etc... between Autism and illnesses such as ME or CFS, so I am always interested in reviewing information and ideas that are generated from those involved in the autism world.

The 2018 AutismOne Conference took place in Chicago last week and lectures from the conference have been uploaded on YouTube. Lectures from the conference can be found by searching Youtube via the AutismOne Media Site for the 2018 AutismOne Conference. To date (6/5/2018), there have been 123 lectures (presentations) uploaded on this site.

I have just started to review these videos and I thought that some of the topics covered in these lectures/presentations might be of interest for others to review. I will try to post some of the other videos from this conference in separate threads using the same type of information as shown in the title for this thread (i.e. 2018 AutismOne Conference, Name of the Lecturer/Presenter, Subject Matter of the Lecture/Presentation).

In this particular thread I am posting a lecture by Dr. Klinghardt. The lecture is approximately 60 minutes long. (Note - this video does not include the slides presented with the lecture, so you can listen just to the audio of the lecture without missing anything by not visually watching the video.)

For those who may want to preview this video, I am including minute marker references to some topics that might overlap with topics of interest to the ME CFS Community. However, there is information about Dr. Klinghardt, additional overlap topics and information about the topics noted below that will be missed if the video is not reviewed in its entirety because my reference markers are not a complete index of the topics discussed in this lecture.

1) Suramin - 27:30, 46:20, 55:29
2) Ticks, Lyme and other arthropod borne illnesses - 6:45, 57:02
3) Retroviruses - 3:38 to 5:37, 16:29 to 52:30
4) Pharmaceutical Treatments (Anti-retrovirals, Antibiotics) - 54:28
5) Natural Products - (Broccoli Sprouts, Skull Cap, Cistus Incanus Tea, etc... - 38:48
(Note if you are interested in learning more about what Dr. Klinghardt has to say about the Cistus Incanus plant/tea, I have previously posted several of his other recent videos on this subject in this linked thread -https://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?threads/cistus-incanus.14620/#post-974210 at Reply #4 of this thread.