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10th Biomedical Research into ME Research Colloquium 2nd and 3rd June 2021


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10th International Biomedical Research into ME Colloquium

2 - 3 June 2021
Ten years of bringing international researchers together

The 10th Biomedical Research into ME Research Colloquium is taking place on 2 - 3 June 2021.
This year, due to the pandemic, the event will be held as a virtual event.

BRMEC10 Colloquium - New format, New ideas
A new format for the Colloquium is being made this year due to the pandemic. A virtual meeting replaces the annual physical meeting and a new approach is planned to bring forward discussions and assist in future research. We hope this will aid in linking the jigsaw pieces together.

In replacing the annual London event with a a virtual event we are using the different opportunities presented by this format to bring forward new ideas to stimulate discussions between researchers.
Every Colloquium has aimed to improve understanding, collaboration and cooperation.

With developments around research into Long Covid and with the similarities of some symptoms to those experienced by people with ME then this topic will be also added to the agenda.

For BRMEC10 we will present a new approach and a new format to the meeting in order to try to make a step-change in thinking and aid everyone researching ME.
Working with Invest in ME Research will be the European ME Research Group (EMERG) who have been tasked with forming the agenda.

A number of hypotheses will be proposed concerning ME - all leading back to the aetiology of the disease. This will be augmented by reference to long covid.
The hypotheses will be discussed by researchers.

2nd and 3rd of June 2021.


Prusty will be talking amongst others.

Does anyone know how we can get access to this? Or hear what he's going to say?

@Rufous McKinney @joshua.leisk @Hip


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United Kingdom
It's great I agree, can't wait to see more. We weren't the only ones who had that problem, everyone on twitter said the same thing. One lady (she does the dress up for ME charity fundraisers) said that they book up 6 months in advance or something like that. So it seems like admission now might be tricky. But look forward to what gets said.