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vitamin k1

  1. linusbert

    Can Vitamin K1 and K2 (mk4/mk7) Supplement INcrease bleeding tendencies?

    my current vitamin D course includes, Sunday to wednesday (on 4 consecutive days), - 5000iu vitamin D - vitamin k1 500ug , vitamin k2 mk4, 1000ug, k2 mk7 45 ug - 100mg magnesium , 200mg potassium, a bit sodium - a few grams vitamin c sodium ascorbate - zink , selen - carnitine fumarate - so + mi...
  2. LINE

    Vitamin K - (K1 - K2) & leg cramps

    Just a quick snippet that might be helpful for someone. Overview: Vitamin K is the orphan vitamin IMO - Seems to help my nocturnal leg cramps. It has been studied for its immune and inflammatory responses. Studies indicate that works with the immune T cells. I was having bouts of leg cramps...
  3. T

    VITAMIN K1! Help!!

    Ok I may have overdone it on Vitamin k1 for profuse bleeding. I feel flush with some tingling in left foot. Im doomed either way. Don’t take and i’m bleeding and take and i end up feeling flush. I am deficient in vitamin K and it is helping thr bleeding but the dose was too high at 1mg. It...