very severe

  1. serafim

    I’m rapidly deteriorating— can relapsing-remiting ME turn progressive?

    I had a series of stressful events in my life that caused me to crash in early july. ever since then, every time i got PEM, i haven’t recovered from it. My baseline was so unstable it was really hard to gauge what was going to give me PEM. I went from moderate to severe to very severe in 3...
  2. Thebirdman333

    URGENT: Need someone who can assist in New Mexico

    This is all a plea from one of my dearest ME friends. I care for them greatly, and it would mean the world to me if someone could help them, they are in dire need... ------- They write: A plea from a person suffering from very severe myalgic encephalopathy or M.E. The limits imposed by my...
  3. Phoenix Rising Articles

    Article Very Severe ME: Are Intimate Relationships Possible?

    Very Severe ME: Are Intimate Relationships Possible? On August 8th our ME community honours Severe ME Understanding and Remembrance Day, this year and every year. Rachel M. shares her thoughts on what it's like living with Very Severe ME … By Rachel M. Hello. I’m Rachel from Queensland...