1. G

    Tips on tolerating Valcyte?

    I started taking Valcyte a few weeks ago, I first started with the dose my doctor (a CFS/ME specialist) gave me at 450mg 2x a day. It initially gives me a boost but after a day or two really makes me even more fatigued and a bit depressed. I started taking a much smaller dose, just 1/8th of a...
  2. Hip

    The reason why antivirals like Valtrex and Valcyte take such a long time to work in ME/CFS (or don't work at all), according to Dr Martin Lerner

    When treating herpesvirus-associated ME/CFS with antivirals such as Valtrex and Valcyte, Dr Lerner's studies showed it takes a long time for benefits to appear, usually 3 or 4 months for the very first signs of improvements to materialize, and a year or more for the full benefits to manifest...
  3. gbells

    Giving Infectious Disease MDs one more try (no 3). The Lupus vs SEIDs Saga

    I thought I'd throw this experience out there. Yesterday I drove one hour to a remote infectious disease MD outside of the Raleigh Durham triangle (NC). The MD accepted Medicare (my insurance) and was recommended by a lyme disease group. I had previously seen infectious disease doctors at...