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upright mri

  1. Hip

    Craniocervical Instability (CCI) Diagnosis: Supine MRI vs Upright MRI

    Dr Vicenç Gilete and Dr Fraser Henderson both prefer patients to send in upright MRI or CT scans, which include the head in a full range of positions: neutral (head level), flexion (head looking down), extension (looking up) and rotational (looking left and right). By contrast, Dr Paolo...
  2. A

    Finding a Facility for CCI Imaging

    Hi! Has anyone ever compiled a resource of imaging facilities that have a 3T machine and could perform the upright MRI to determine if a patient has CCI? Or does anyone know of any/how I could go about finding one? Dr. Chheda is considering writing the MRI order for me, but let me know that I'd...