1. daveu

    Help with CoQ10: How much ubiquinol should I take per day? Recommended brands? Getting ubiquinol through the NHS for free? (I am in the UK)

    Hi all, I am a moderate ME/CFS sufferer (since 2009) who lives in the UK and to also experiences severe myofascial pain in both forearms (this has also been described as severe RSI or fibromyalgia by different medical professionals). I recently finished a two month course of 100 mg daily of...
  2. Wolfcub

    Started Ubiqinol (Q10) Interested in how it worked or not for others

    I started taking Ubiquinol (Co-enzyme Q10) today, and am interested in if others have tried it and any results? The recommended dosage is 1-2 tablets per day. I started with one which I took midday after eating. I'm generally not doing too badly, but do get periods when some of the "old...