side effects

  1. morgan_25

    Jarisch–Herxheimer reaction

    Has anyone experienced this reaction from being on Valtrex to treat Ebstein-Barr Virus? Has anyone had any luck with this treatment option?
  2. PallasKat

    Side effects from Famciclovir ?

    Hello Everyone~ I haven't posted for a LONG TIME. I recently started on Famciclovir after finding out I that I have high levels of EBV. I have had ME/CFS/Fibro for approximately 10 years. I am taking 500 mg daily, it's been about 3 weeks. I am having trouble figuring out if these are actual...
  3. Lisa108

    Fluorquinolones in Germany: use restricted due to possible severe side effects

    Finally this is happening in Germany! Although the guidelines already restricted the use of fluorquinolones in minor infections (like sinusitis, cystitis), most docs seemed not aware of this, nor of possible severe, chronic side effects. Today the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical...