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  1. T

    Anyone on Progesterone?

    How can I implement progesterone if my cortisol is high. I’m afraid because progesterone converts to cortisol and I imagine that would not be a fun day. I need to use progesterone to stop bleeding. But with my severely high cortisol, i’m not sure how to do this.
  2. T

    Prunella Vulgaris self heal anyone?

    Has anyone tried this herb? I’m looking to raise my progesterone and lower my prolactin. Will lowering prolactin always raise progesterone as a side effect? Because i’m also thinking of my 70 year old mother. I imagine prolactin is low for her and no amount of lowering prolactin will bring...
  3. T

    Calcium D glucarate for estrogen dominance

    ok so what happens if I take Calcium D glucarate but I am both low in estrogen and progesterone? Have severe estrogen dominance. I have been bleeding nonstop for several months now (six years if we count when this all started) and noticed that my belly swells up and then clots size of my...
  4. Iritu1021

    The Enigma of Sigma Receptors

    Hey everyone! I know I've been a stranger to this blog lately - (too much going on IRL right now and not in a good way) but I've finally put down on paper the latest installment to my "intracellular calcium chronicles" and I think this one is huge: sigma receptors. If nobody has yet proposed...