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  1. T

    Trouble balancing Niacin and Thiamin

    Since increasing Niacin a week ago, I have had terrible balance of vitamins and bad symptoms. I tried returning to my original dosing the but issues didn’t resolve. I can’t seem to balance the levels of: B3, B1, (I think Magnesium, but could be other minerals) Attached is a chart of my...
  2. lyran

    Hom3ostasis by Dmitry Kats

    What is your opinion about this protocol? Have you followed it and had benefits from it? For those who don't know, it is basically about using high dose niacin with r-lipoic acid to help get niacin into cells. It has also many other supplements but these are the key ones as I have understood...
  3. A

    Niacin and PDE5 inhibitors

    One of the supplements that has helped me a lot has been niacin (B3). It seems to reduce most of my symptoms somewhat but importantly it reduces my pain so much that it sometimes eliminates it completely. The relief can happen quite fast after taking the supplement (how fast NAD+ synthesis from...
  4. nerd

    POLL: How common are B Vitamin deficiencies?

    Given the assumption that CFS/ME is a hypermetabolic condition, I'm trying to found the hypothesis that Vitamin B deficiencies are amplified by the hypermetabolic state and that the normal recommended intake of these Vitamins doesn't apply to CFS/ME. I'm particularly interested in how common...
  5. B

    Undermethylated - bad reaction to sam-e

    Hi all, About 5 or 6 weeks ago I was taking the long covid recovery stack. It consisted of zinc, quercetin, vitamin c, vitamin d, selenium and niacin (nicotonic acid) I had no idea about methylation before going on these vitamins. I was taking them to boost my energy and hopefully get back to...
  6. B

    Niacin side effect of depression

    Hi all, I have read a few of you have experienced depression whilst using niacin. Online there is no information of this whatsoever. I wanted to hear any encouraging words of advice that may have helped some of you come out of this as I'm really struggling. I'm worried its permanent. Please no...
  7. H

    Help - I've overdone something re methylation and I don't know what

    As the title suggests I've made some errors regarding methylation supplements and I have no idea what's going on or how to fix it. Any help would be much appreciated. The background to this is that I have SIBO and CFS, and have been getting a lot better after about 6 months on Ben Lynch's...