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  1. ChookityPop

    Anyone start squinting, have burning eyes and burning brain after straining your brain = brain fog?

    Anyone start squinting, have burning eyes and burning brain after straining your brain/brain fog? I had a long telephone call last week and I pushed it so much longer than I should and I felt my head getting warm, brainfoggy and my eyes started squinting. Now I cant talk for 5 minutes without...
  2. M

    Burning feet when sitting? Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)?

    I dealt a lot with vascular inflammation, specially after exercise, when dealing with Long Covid. Last year, while attempting to swim, I dealt with a pretty big post-exertional flare, even noticed some bleeding in my feet (petechiae). I feel my circulation really went downhill after that. This...
  3. M

    Autonomic Neuropathy - What form of carnitine works better?

    Not sure if this is called peripheral or autonomic neuropathy, but my issue is that standing or sitting for an extended period of time has been resulting in burning feet, which takes a while to recover. What form have you found that works better? I assume that either propionyl-l-carnitine...
  4. Waverunner

    Tingling hand and feet; worsening by folic acid and B12 supplements

    Hi all, had some strange issues for several weeks now. I suffer from pretty bad food intolerances that seem to evolve over time. Three to four weeks ago I started to have strong dizziness, tingling hand, and feet, increased fatigue, and nausea. These symptoms last for several days but get...
  5. 2

    Link Between Sleep Apnea and Peripheral Neuropathy

    Hello, My neurologist recently diagnosed me with severe Idiopathic Axonal Polyneuropathy after my rheumatologist and GP had tested me for every possible cause. Ever since becoming ill 33 years ago with ME/CFS (brought on by an acute case of Epstein Barr Virus) my legs have "vibrated"...
  6. 2

    Have you been diagnosed with Idiopathic Polyneuropathy?

    Hello. I've had ME/CFS for 33 years and from the beginning I had vibrating sensations in my legs that were always more pronounced when overly tired. For the past 7-8 years my feet have became numb and have the odd sensation of feeling like I've got plastic wrapped tightly around them...