natural killer cells

  1. mitoMAN

    OM-85 - Broncho-Vaxom to raise Percentage Natural Killer T Cells

    OM-85 - Broncho-Vaxom. I am surprised I found zero hits on the forum. My immunologist wants to perscribe it for my extremly low percentage of NK cells. From what I understand, a huge amount of CFS Patients suffer from low NK Cell (not only low activitiy but also low cell number and % amount)...
  2. Dakota15

    "University of Minnesota turns Natural Killer Cells against COVID-19"

    Just sharing this article (I'm a Minnesota patient), since Natural Killer Cells have long been associated with ME/CFS. From the StarTribune:
  3. SgtGerryBoyle

    NK (Natural Killer) cell count

    Recently I've had a battery of tests done at IMD Labor in Berlin, mainly with the purpose of doing an antibody-neutralisation test for Coxsackie virus B3, B4 and B5 as @Hip recommends. Among the results were a positive Coxsackie B4 test with low titers (1:20) but also a very low NK cell count...