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    My treatment for Borrelia miyamotoi

    After almost 10 years I have been finally diagnosed to have Borrelia miyamotoi. My plan will include 6 weeks of I.V. antibiotics (Ceftazidim, Flagyl, Doxycycline) followed by Disulfiram. I am looking forward to see if I feel better after it. I will write updates once I start. I also read in...
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    Positive Borrelia miyamotoi detected - what is relapsing fever?

    Phage Borrelia qPCR test showed Positive; B. miyamotoi detected. From what I read online this is a new test that is high specificity test nearly 100% accuracy (some sources says more than 92%). What confused me is it says that Borellia miyamotoi is bacteria that causes relapsing fever. I don't...