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me/cfs activism

  1. frozenborderline

    Long covid has forced a reckoning for one of medicines most neglected diseases

    https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2022/09/mecfs-chronic-fatigue-syndrome-doctors-long-covid/671518/ An article by Ed Yong, about how long covid is forcing people to address the situation with me/cfs. I'm not sure he's right about that but it's worth a read and he is getting our...
  2. frozenborderline

    ME/CFS is a living death--why mortality isnt what matters in illness advocacy

    https://openletteropenmedicinefoundation.com/me-cfs-is-a-living-death/ https://openletteropenmedicinefoundation.com/me-cfs-is-a-living-death/ The title basically speaks for itself but the article is full of facts and figures about quality of life and how we can change our rhetorical...