1. ChookityPop

    What is the best type of magnesium?

    I use magnesium malate and it has helped reduce my muscle twitching. But its expensive. I would love to inject it to get even better effect. I found magnesium citrate but I read that people shouldnt use it since it interferes with iron and something else. I wonder if epsom salt (food grade)...
  2. PatJ

    Bad reaction high dose to vitamin D

    I'd like to get some feedback about the problems I've been having after taking high dose vitamin D. I was quite stable for someone with ME/CFS but vitamin D has ruined that stability. The past month has been the worst for my health in years. I've been having more trouble than usual with...
  3. Peajay69

    Mestinon and Magnesium?

    I have very severe ME. Does anybody know if it's OK to continue supplementing Magnesium while on Mestinon? I'm currently taking 20mg X 4 a day and getting quite severe muscle twitching. I previously injected Magnesium Sulphate weekly but have recently stopped due to hearing conflicting opinions...
  4. frozenborderline

    Paul Cheney Seminar--covers lots of research and clinical experience
  5. Sarah94

    Glycine - advice please?

    I want to switch my magnesium citrate (400mg each night) to magnesium glycinate. Because I have been informed that citrate can contribute to glutamate which may have a negative effect on sleep. And people say that mag glycinate is generally the best for relaxing you and helping you sleep. I've...