low carb

  1. ChookityPop

    Replenish Glycogen stores on a low carb/zero carb diet?

    Im eating a nose to tail carnivore diet with the some veggies and berries here and there. But I tried to add raw honey as a carb source this summer and honestly felt the best Ive felt since I got sick "again" last year. My muscles felt the most robust since getting sick. I crashed and my...
  2. Lolinda

    casein/lactose intolerance: how to do aged butter with an amazing blue cheese flavour - add fun to diet if milk-product intolerant or eating ketogenic

    I am intolerant to casein and lactose. Any milk product causes bad reactions in me except cultured butter (that butter with the slightly sour taste. Most butter sold in Europe is cultured. I heard elsewhere you need to search for that). Now, how to enjoy a marvellous blue cheese flavour inspite...