1. Forummember9922

    Anyone tried protocol suggested per this study? (ImmunoSEB and PrioBioSeb 14 days)

    https://www.mdpi.com/2305-6320/8/9/47 ImmunoSeb and ProbioSeb 'resoves' longcovid fatigue? Just curious if anyone tried this exact combo and if it did anything for them Cheerio
  2. frozenborderline

    Long Covid, MCAS and Environmental Toxins--Lake Tahoe 2.0?

    https://openletteropenmedicinefoundation.com/long-covid-and-environmental-toxins-lake-tahoe-2-0/ Is the CDC and general scientific community retreading ground from the Lake Tahoe outbreak that caused the invention of the CFS syndrome /category of illness ? Are they reinventing the wheel, so to...
  3. sebaaa

    Could dogs smell ME/CFS? They're already doing it for Covid-19

    They've been doing a pilot trial on this in Finland since September 22. If this works, I want to see them try this for LongCovid, and then try it for ME/CFS. They should create a trial to see if the dogs can, for example, separate controls, cancer patients, and LongCovid (or ME/CFS). I don't...