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  1. JasonPerth

    Joint Clicking and Stomach Noises (deterioration from Mild to Moderate/Severe)

    Hi, Just abit about me below and some questions i have! Before 2016 i was an athlete who played high intensity running sports every 2nd day. I would say between 2016-2021 i was probably a 6/10 looking back( post viral mecfs.) I worked full time and by 2018 i found the energy within me (mentally...
  2. Jwarrior77

    Anyone try TRF 150 for collagen and joint support?

    Anyone try this supplement: https://shop.designsforhealth.com/trf-150?quantity=1&custcol_dfh_size=42 I found out about it through a doctor. Supposedly it's supposed to help with collagen formation and joint health. Thoughts?
  3. lauluce


    Hi! in two weeks I'm starting an intravenous vitamin C treatment, consisting in four weekly infusions of vit C, each one with 10 grams or more. My blood tests show low vitamin C serum levels, sometimes as low as the minimum possible, 1mg/l, a value that according to my research is found among...
  4. lauluce


    Hi!. Despite my ME started when I was 13, beginning at 20 years old I started suffering a series of injuries over my musculoeskeletal system, many of which I find excessively serious considering the severity of the accident that triggered them. I might be forgetting some, but they're as follow...