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    Jarred Younger Presents: How We Can See ME/CFS Inflammation In the Brain

    Moderator note: Posts #1-7 were moved from "Where's Jarred? :)" edit: yuuge showdown coming in 2-3 months from younger when he will be able to test his first me cfs patients for B and T cells migration into the brain. Hes used years to make the experiment possible and there are possible...
  2. Sarah94

    Jarred younger herbal supplements for neuroinflammation

    So I found (on health rising website) this is the list of herbs that Jarred Younger is looking at for potentially reducing neuroinflammation. Have you tried any of them and did they help? Cucurmin Luteolin Resveratol Gastodia Elata Obovotal Inflexin Pipera kadsura Ganoderma lucidum Berberine...