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  1. SWAlexander

    The impact of bed rest on human skeletal muscle metabolism

    Highlights • Muscle glycogen build-up in bed rest reduces insulin sensitivity and further storage • Muscle lipid overload, lipotoxicity, and inflammation develop during bed rest • Bed rest shifts muscle metabolism from fatty acid to glucose oxidation • Intrinsic mitochondrial alterations occur...
  2. linusbert

    video: Best Anti inflammatory food, and worst

    (please no derailing and ideological discussion here) basically he suggests that Glutamine rich foods are anti inflammatory, what those foods are in his opinion he shares in the video
  3. SWAlexander

    COVID-19 promotes endothelial dysfunction and thrombogenicity: Role of pro-inflammatory cytokines/SGLT2 pro-oxidant pathway

    Abstract Background: COVID-19 is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular complications. Although cytokines have a predominant role in endothelium damage, the precise molecular mechanisms are far from being...
  4. K

    Help with Autonomic Function Testing

    Last year an annoying doctor who referred me for this test but he didn't do much about to try to fix things or help me - referred me fot his test that I am attaching here. My main Symptoms are - GI Issues/Digestion (SIBO) - POTS - Very bad exercise intolerance where I feel sick and very dizzy...
  5. C

    Inflammatory subgroup IPM article

    The study is linked in there. https://www.insideprecisionmedicine.com/topics/patient-care/coronavirus/overactive-inflammatory-response-responsible-for-many-cases-of-long-covid/ Quote New research from the Allen Institute and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center provides evidence that an...
  6. M

    Chronically high total IgM

    I have quite high IgM levels, that shocked my internal medicine doctor. He didn't believe it was correct, and ran the test again, and it was indeed correct. My total IgM continues to be high enough that an immunologist said I should be monitored for hematologic malignancies. She said high IgM is...
  7. C

    Inflammatory Blood Signature Related to Common Psychological Comorbidity in Chronic Pain (Karshikoff et al, 2023)

    Abstract Chronic pain is characterized by high psychological comorbidity, and diagnoses are symptom-based due to a lack of clear pathophysiological factors and valid biomarkers. We investigate if inflammatory blood biomarker signatures are associated with pain intensity and psychological...
  8. C

    Long-COVID post-viral chronic fatigue and affective symptoms are associated with oxidative damage, lowered antioxidant defen… (Al-Hakeim et al, 2022)

    Long-COVID post-viral chronic fatigue and affective symptoms are associated with oxidative damage, lowered antioxidant defenses and inflammation: a proof of concept and mechanism study Abstract The immune-inflammatory response during the acute phase of COVID-19, as assessed using peak body...
  9. C

    Jarred Younger Presents: How We Can See ME/CFS Inflammation In the Brain

    Moderator note: Posts #1-7 were moved from "Where's Jarred? :)" edit: yuuge showdown coming in 2-3 months from younger when he will be able to test his first me cfs patients for B and T cells migration into the brain. Hes used years to make the experiment possible and there are possible...
  10. SWAlexander

    SARS-CoV-2 triggering autoimmune diseases

    Sorry if this has already been posted. Highlight • SARS-CoV-2, the cause of the pandemic coronavirus disease, causes dysregulation of an immune response. • Infection of respiratory epithelium by virus triggers both innate and acquired immunity that led to the immune system's hyperactivation. •...
  11. Nord Wolf

    Chronic Lung Inflammation

    I’ve ben struggling with chronic lung inflammation for a handful of years now. My pulmonologist tabled it as Chronic Persistent Moderate Severe Asthma. What an absurd name. The consensus of my healthcare team is that the more severe development of ME/CFS caused the development of Chronic...
  12. I

    Link between POTS, MCAS and CFS - Innate inflammation in response to an antigen..t-cell exhaustion's role?

    31:00 onwards Dr Grubb explains which autoantibodies are found in POTS and suggests they are driven firstly by the innate immune system, including mast cell mediators and other cytokines, which then triggers the adaptive immune system to make autoantibodies . He argues it can't be coincidence...
  13. SWAlexander

    Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis Is a Crucial Player for the Poor Outcomes for COVID-19 in Elderly, Diabetic and Hypertensive Patients

    Excerpt: The possibility that SARS-CoV-2 infection of enterocytes modify gut microbiota is supported by the fact that some patients with COVID-19 present intestinal dysbiosis (16, 17). There is evidence that hospitalized COVID-19 patients exhibit a significant reduction in gut microbiome...
  14. daveu

    Fasting for reducing inflammation? (and hopefully neuroinflammation?)

    Hi there, My name is Dave. I currently present as about 65% on the ME Disability Scale. I recently read this excellent article about what we can do to keep our brain healthy and help reduce the onset & severity of dementia. I was interested in whether fasting can help brain health so I asked...
  15. SeanQHX1

    Opioids and Brain Fog

    Hi everyone again. For about 3 years I've been taking codeine (in the form of co-codamol) regularly every day to get relief from the continuous bombardment of severe brain fog and what I can only describe as horrible head feelings I've had non-stop, getting progressively worse since becoming ill...
  16. nerd

    Aberrations in the Cross-Talks Among Redox, Nuclear Factor-κB and Wnt/Catenin Pathway Signaling Underpin ME and CFS: A Review and New Hypothesis

    Aberrations in the Cross-Talks Among Redox, Nuclear Factor-κB and Wnt/Catenin Pathway Signaling Underpin Myalgic Encephalomyelitis andChronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Review and New Hypothesis Based on Results of Network, Enrichment and Annotation Analyses This paper is a preprint and it has not...
  17. MartinK

    Do sore throat / tonsil ulcers make you worse - PEM/inflammation?

    I realized one thing and I'm very interested. Before my ME/CFS started, I suffered also a lot from various upper respiratory illnesses - sore throat / tonsil ulcers / influenza. It often met me even when I was mild / moderate, not so much now, probably because Im at home at constant...
  18. Boba

    Help with Test Results

    Hi folks, I got some results from my immunologist and would like to ask you to help interpret them. It looks like my TNFa is very high supporting the theory of inflammation in my body. I had Covid 8months ago. Thanks!! Edit: I developed PEM and heavy fatigue after covid, which was in Nov 2020...
  19. Y

    Methylfolate causing inflammation behind nose?

    Brief Background: 31/Male, MTHFR A1298C GG, Anxiety, ADHD, I don't believe I have MS/CFS Both methyl-folate and folonic acid initially make me feel great, but then cause inflammation right behind my nose and seemingly in my general nasal/sinus tract. It also happens even with cofactors/methyl-B...
  20. nerd

    Epstein Barr Virus and Autoimmune Responses in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    Jog NR and James JA (2021) Epstein Barr Virus and Autoimmune Responses in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Front. Immunol. 11:623944. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2020.623944 Although this isn't about CFS/ME per se, this discussion shows the latest state of research on EBV causality with SLE. I think SLE...
  21. Pyrrhus

    Are Circulating Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 & N-Terminal Prohormone of Brain Natriuretic Peptide Promising Biomarkers in ME/CFS? (Domingo et al, 2021)

    A new paper looking at blood markers of oxidative stress and inflammation in ME: Are Circulating Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 and N-Terminal Prohormone of Brain Natriuretic Peptide Promising Novel Biomarkers in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? (Domingo et al., 2021)...
  22. B

    Meet The Scientist – Professor Jo Nijs

    Jo Nijs is a Professor of Physiotherapy at the Vrije University of Brussels, Belgum and a manual therapist at the University Hospital Brussels. He is holder of the Chair, ‘Exercise Immunology and Chronic Fatigue in Health and Disease’ at the Vrije University of Brussels created by the research...
  23. nyanko_the_sane

    Dr. Jarred Younger shares his thoughts on how Covid-19 can cause psychological problems

  24. Jwarrior77

    Sore muscles everyday upon waking up?

    Basically every single day when I wake up all the muscles in my body are sore and fatigued. It's like I had just ran a marathon the day prior only I hadn't. They also feel inflamed as if the muscle tissue is breaking down. It usually subsides halfway through the day and then repeats again. I...
  25. frozenborderline

    Critiques of common conceptions of MCAS

  26. SeanQHX1

    Brain symptoms still getting worse - Losing hope

    Hi everyone again. After looking through some old threads, I see that someone previously reported brain symptoms which are exactly like mine and couldn't have put it any better into words. This was after I spent years thinking that I was the only one in the planet with this mysterious brain...
  27. ChookityPop

    What is the most effective Anti-inflammatory non steroid agents/supplements?

    Hey gang, Maybe we could make a list of anti inflammatory agents/supplements? I want to know about sources thats not steroids like prednisone etc. Things I have tried is Bpc 157 Naproxen Vitamins Carnivore diet What are some of the most powerful anti inflammatorie properties out there?
  28. Sarah94

    Klimas' models of ME/CFS

  29. M

    My face hurts.

    I have been having a lot more issues with my face recently. Since I got sick it has become pretty numb and randomly seems to "puff up." I have no idea what is causing it to swell or why, but when that happens its like skin on my face become ultra sensitive, like it hurts, and gets really red and...