1. X

    Maltose Intolerance

    Hi everyone, another day another food intolerance. It seems lately I have developed an intolerance to any food or drinks that contain maltose. I get severe bloating and scalp eczema from boiled white rice, sprouted mung bean (which I used to tolerate before), my liquid vitamin supplement...
  2. GlassCannonLife

    Milk thistle alters thyroid hormone transport. (Thyroidpatients.ca, 2022)

    https://thyroidpatients.ca/2022/01/16/milk-thistle-thyroid-transport/ Very interesting new write up from the thyroidpatients.ca blog on milk thistle, namely silymarin and silychristin, and their sometimes dramatic effects on the hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroidal (HPT) axis.
  3. thingsvarious

    I replace ALL my hormones. This brought me back to life. But is it sustainable for decades?

    In my opinion CFS is often (not always obviously) multiple hormone deficiency (esp. adrenals, perihperal thyroid sensitivity). I am a medical student in my last year. I replace ALL of my hormones. my energy levels went from the 5th percentile to the 95th percentile. In early twenties my life...
  4. Fogbound

    Advice re new diagnosis of hypothyroidism

    I've recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism as a result of a partial thyroidectomy. I started Levothyroxine yesterday. I've had CFS/ME for about 10 years. Just wondering if anyone else has both conditions, and what impact it's had on functioning, etc.
  5. Tammy

    Role of EBV in autoimmune thyroid diseases

  6. el_squared

    how relevant is hypothyroidism to CFS?

    Hi guys, So I was diagnosed with CFS last year and I have been pretty consistently sick for the past two years (after 20 plus years of being more functionally ill -- Celiac Disease, fibro, IBS, etc). I've been on disability for the past 9 months and I am very weak and spend a lot of time in...