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  1. H

    Famvir for HHV-6?

    Hi everyone! I did a pretty thorough forum and Google search and am struggling to find any documentation that famvir works against HHV6, I see plenty of documentation that Valcyte is better for HHV-6, but my doc won't prescribe that. They rx'd famvir reactivated HHv-6 . Has anyone had success...
  2. gbells

    NIH isn't adequately funding CFS viral research because they believe the cause is unknown and this needs to change

    The CFS community has a big problem. National Institutes of Health is the major funding body for medical research in the United States. They only fund $15 million per year (frozen) for research on HHV-6 and $9 million per year for research on CFS. The problem is that researcher Bhupesh Prusty...
  3. lyran

    A Finnish researcher found a virus in the brain of a dead man, which may revolutionize our understanding of the human body

    I thought I post this article as it is somewhat related to Bhupesh Prusty's study on tissue specific signature of HHV-6 infection in ME/CFS Link to the article which is in Finnish I Google translated it and fixed some errors:
  4. D

    HSV/VCV/CMV/HHV-6 - how to combine meds

    Dear guys and gals, my friend got her HHVs tested a month ago and she was IgM positive for HSV, VCV, CMV and HHV-6. Her symptoms are mainly chronic pain, but other than that she is "healthy" (the rest of her bloodwork is OK) so these infections are probably in the low-grade/chronic territory...
  5. R

    Human Herpesvirus 6 Infection in Pediatric Liver Transplantation: Single-Center Study of Incidence, Outcomes, and Management - 25-01-2021

    https://academic.oup.com/jpids/advance-article-abstract/doi/10.1093/jpids/piaa166/6118583?redirectedFrom=fulltext#.YBbg_f82Ed8.twitter Krupa R Mysore, Tuan L Phan, Ryan W Himes, Deborah Schady, Karen W Eldin, Bhupesh K Prusty, Flor M Munoz Abstract Background Distinctions between HHV-6 primary...
  6. Hip

    HHV-6 researcher Dr Bhupesh Prusty also finds "something in the serum" of ME/CFS patients

    Four independent ME/CFS research groups have now found "something in the serum" of ME/CFS patients which adversely affects the energy metabolism of healthy cells in vitro, when those cells are exposed a drop of ME/CFS patients' blood serum. (1) Fluge and Mella in 2016 showed that when myoblast...
  7. gbells

    Giving Infectious Disease MDs one more try (no 3). The Lupus vs SEIDs Saga

    I thought I'd throw this experience out there. Yesterday I drove one hour to a remote infectious disease MD outside of the Raleigh Durham triangle (NC). The MD accepted Medicare (my insurance) and was recommended by a lyme disease group. I had previously seen infectious disease doctors at...