1. Hip

    HHV-6 researcher Dr Bhupesh Prusty also finds "something in the serum" of ME/CFS patients

    Fluge and Mella in 2016 showed that when myoblast cells (young muscle cells) from healthy people were exposed to the blood serum of ME/CFS patients, the cells developed energy metabolism abnormalities. That suggested that there is "something in the serum" of ME/CFS patients which is amiss...
  2. gbells

    Giving Infectious Disease MDs one more try (no 3). The Lupus vs SEIDs Saga

    I thought I'd throw this experience out there. Yesterday I drove one hour to a remote infectious disease MD outside of the Raleigh Durham triangle (NC). The MD accepted Medicare (my insurance) and was recommended by a lyme disease group. I had previously seen infectious disease doctors at...