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  1. Hipsman

    Topical SADBE likely to treat ALL HHVs. Available in US & EU.

    More information:
  2. linusbert

    video: Herpes infection protecting from other infections?

    some research on MICE (... still interesting thou) suggests that herpes infection protected from other dangerous bacteria infections. could those nasty viruses have benefits for humans too?
  3. SWAlexander

    A Herpesvirus for Fibromyalgia?

    Active Herpes Simplex Virus Found in FM Patients’ Guts A New Virus for Fibromyalgia (and ME/CFS?) Despite Pridgen’s success at getting a large trial together, we’ve been missing a significant piece of data – evidence that the herpes simplex viruses he’s stated that he believes are causing FM...
  4. nerd

    Update on potential long-term risks of vaccines

    They mention that there is a signal for viral reactivations from the vaccines, retrovirus in particular. I'm not sure if this also refers to mRNA vaccines only or to the Adenovirus vaccines as well. The only case I found after a quick literature search is this one: Herpes zoster emergence...
  5. V

    What are symptoms of autoimmune encephalitis?

    I have a vague knowledge of it and have seen various posts scattered, so was wondering if those who have been through it can say some more about how it presented in them. Also interested in whether there is any connection to that and, for lake of a better term, (new onset) "neuropsychiatric" (I...
  6. nerd

    What happened to parasite research?

    In face of the current Ivermectin discussion, I'd like to reopen an old post in the context of chronic parasite infection. Firstly, I'd like to cover the nematode Strongyloides Stercoralis. Here is one recent study that shows the prevalence in rural Cambodia and its chronified symptoms...
  7. jason30

    HSV 1/2 extreme high titers, what does this say?

    Hi all, I have tested for the Herpes Simplex virus and IgM came back negative but IgG titers came back positive: Herpes Simplex 1/2 IgG: + 23149,00 titer (lab range: < 231,00) Herpes Simplex 1/2 IgM: Negative Humane herpes virus type 6-IgM: < 0,9 index (lab range: < 0,90) Other tested...