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  1. linusbert

    video: Best Anti inflammatory food, and worst

    (please no derailing and ideological discussion here) basically he suggests that Glutamine rich foods are anti inflammatory, what those foods are in his opinion he shares in the video
  2. linusbert

    Video: "Vegan diets dont work"

    just stumbled upon this video, its quite interesting. review of statistics and studies and ultra processed food and a journey how the food in the west developed in the recent decades compared to how health problems arose.
  3. W

    Substantial improvement with (strange) dietary adjustments

    Hi everyone, I don't know where this fits best, so I thought I'll put it in the General Treatment section. I have noticed that I can make very substantial improvements of all symptoms with some strange adjustments to my diet. "Strange" because they don't concern any of the usual suspects like...
  4. A

    What foods contain bifidobacteria?

    Hello, So I wonder if there are any foods that contain bifidobacteria? Because all fermented food contain lactobacillus, but I haven't found a description of a fermented food containing bifidobacteria? How are we supposed to have bifidobacteria if we can not acquire it through food? Do we...