food intolerance

  1. linusbert

    Capers strong against allergies and food allergies and allergic asthma?

    i just was researching things which could help against the increasing food intolerances, allergies and mast cell problems. "capers" are undermentioned in the forum, i just read one post recommending it - but somehow his (@xploit316) post went down in all the information especially because it was...
  2. Shanti1

    Histamine as an inducer of symptoms in IBS

    Clinical studies support the hypothesis that histamine is an inciting factor in IBS for a sizable cohort. Antihistamine reduces pain in irritable bowel syndrome In a 12-week randomised trial, the team gave 28 patients the H1 antihistamine ebastine and 27 patients a placebo. Ebastine treatment...