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electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome

  1. Rufous McKinney

    Electro-Magnetic Radiation - Sensitivity is REAL

    Thirty five scientists from numerous countries reviewed studies on electrical hypersensitivity and EMF issues. https://www.mdpi.com/1422-0067/22/14/7321 The Critical Importance of Molecular Biomarkers and Imaging in the Study of Electrohypersensitivity. A Scientific Consensus International...
  2. SB_1108

    Is electro-magnetic field (EMF) hypersensitivity a real thing?

    I’ve always read about EMF sensitivity in ME and Lyme patients but I’ve never believed it was a real thing. However I’m having a new “symptom” that I feel may fit that description and I wanted to get people’s thoughts on here. At night when before I go to sleep I turn my phone on silent mode...