1. Cipher

    Dr. Markov autovaccine-style treatment using commercially available bacterial vaccines that can be bought online

    Hi everyone! If you’re unacquainted with Dr. Markov’s nephrodysbacteriosis / CBIS theory and his autovaccine treatment, see this thread first. In addition to autovaccines, there are a lot of commercial bacterial vaccines available around the world that are used to prevent urinary tract...
  2. C

    Oral Bacteriotherapy Reduces the Occurrence of Chronic Fatigue in COVID-19 Patients (Santinelli et al, 2022)

    Abstract Long COVID refers to patients with symptoms as fatigue, “brain fog,” pain, suggesting the chronic involvement of the central nervous system (CNS) in COVID-19. The supplementation with probiotic (OB) would have a positive effect on metabolic homeostasis, negatively impacting the...
  3. H

    93% of CFS patients tested positive for mold/mycotoxins?!

    So this study has already been posted in the Research section of PR, but the thread has sort of died as it started back in 2013. I am reposting here because it's directly related to mould and mycotoxins and feel it's a useful area of discussion in this area of the site. Here is the link And...