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  1. Y

    Which drugs for the central nervous system

    Which drugs to repair the Central Nervous System ? Thank you
  2. Y

    Long term drugs for chronic pain

    Did someone have found a drugs or supplement that work to remove chronic pain in the body and muscles because I have this condition since 2017 and no help from doctors Thank you.
  3. Y

    Need help finding drugs on prescription

    I can't find any online pharmacy that sell : AZT, GcMAF,Nimodipine, Tagamet Can anybody help me Thanks.
  4. Celandine

    Experimental MS treatments for ME?

    I was doing a bit of research for a friend with MS and came across this list of experimental treatments for MS. Drugs in various phases of research. I thought it was a really easy to digest list with just the right amount of info on each and it got me wondering if any of these might be relevant...