1. mitoMAN

    New Systrom Study: PPAR Delta for ME/CFS

    https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04855201 A Study to Evaluate ASP0367 in Participants With Reduced Maximum Oxygen Uptake Due to Poor Systemic Oxygen Extraction https://www.mitobridge.com/about/science/ Interesting new trial by Dr Systrom in collaboration with Mitobridge. Why...
  2. Peajay69

    Mestinon and Magnesium?

    I have very severe ME. Does anybody know if it's OK to continue supplementing Magnesium while on Mestinon? I'm currently taking 20mg X 4 a day and getting quite severe muscle twitching. I previously injected Magnesium Sulphate weekly but have recently stopped due to hearing conflicting opinions...