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  1. T

    Chlorophyll recommendations?

    Anyone have any chlorophyll recommendations? I see some that are made from alfalfa plants. I think I had an autoimmune reaction to alfalfa powder in the past. So i don’t dare go in that direction. I believe Now brand has a sodium copper chlorophyll type but how will I know the source? Or...
  2. T

    Is sulfur an issue for me? DNA results?

    Hello I was wondering if someone can interpret these results for me. I'm not sure how complete this is as I inserted my 23andme raw data into Nutrahacker, a free raw data reader. I'm trying to find out if I'm sulfur sensitive. A naturopath gave me a sulfur substance called glutathione that...
  3. W

    Very tired, depressed, weak and headaches after taking just 1 capsule of milk thistle

    I’m trying to detox my liver and am trying to take milk thistle. However, I experience these symptoms and they don’t subside until 3-4 days after I stop taking. I’ve read that they could be detox reactions and I went to look up how to reduce these symptoms while taking milk thistle and...
  4. Misfit Toy

    Heavy Metal Detoxing question

    I recently had an Oligoscan. It measures heavy metals and minerals in your body. I came back high in cadmium and aluminum. The doctor who wanted me to have the test says that these metals could be causing me all kinds of problems. Who knows. She wants me on a super expensive zeolite. Clear...
  5. lyran

    How to handle detox effects from green powders?

    This year I have tried to use several green powders for their supposed benefits. Mainly Chlorella and Wheatgrass juice powder. Chlorella seemed to have antifatigue benefits for couple first days of use but after that my fatigue got really bad and I was also having terrible stomach issues all...
  6. susieq777

    Smells Like Petrol/Gas

    Hi everyone, Anyone got any ideas on what the strong petroleum-type smell could be after having a coffee enema? I get this smell often but today it was especially strong. I'm also feeling a strong level of relief from horrible anxiety and feelings of toxicity afterwards. So, so, so grateful...
  7. G

    Tiny amounts of glutathione make me tired

    Glutathione is a double-edged sword for me. I have to take a tiny amount of liposomal glutathione (like less than a drop) and cycle it on and off each day to get any benefit. Even then, its really had to get right, and much of the time it makes me tired and irritable. When I do get it dialed...