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  1. M

    Anyone tried Geranylgeraniol? Alternative to Coq10?

    First time I heard about Geranylgeraniol (GG) was through a cardiologist that prescribes it to his patients that use statins. Just like many others in this community, I tried different forms of Coq10 without any benefit. I was curious about GG because I never heard it being used in the context...
  2. C

    Coenzyme Q10 + alpha lipoic acid for chronic COVID syndrome (Barletta et al, 2022)

    Abstract Chronic COVID syndrome is characterized by chronic fatigue, myalgia, depression and sleep disturbances, similar to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia syndrome. Implementations of mitochondrial nutrients (MNs) with diet are important for the clinical effects antioxidant. We...
  3. leokitten

    If CoQ10 improves symptoms, what else should also help?

    Does anyone have any advice that if CoQ10 improves symptoms, then what else might also work, given CoQ10's actions in the cell and ME pathophysiology? If I take 1400 mg ubiquinol it takes a couple of hours to start working, but it pretty consistently helps with some of the worst ME symptoms for...
  4. daveu

    Help with CoQ10: How much ubiquinol should I take per day? Recommended brands? Getting ubiquinol through the NHS for free? (I am in the UK)

    Hi all, I am a moderate ME/CFS sufferer (since 2009) who lives in the UK and to also experiences severe myofascial pain in both forearms (this has also been described as severe RSI or fibromyalgia by different medical professionals). I recently finished a two month course of 100 mg daily of...