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    A community thermoregulation experiment

    In another thread I asked if ME/CFS patients shiver when they feel cold. I asked this because shivering is a normal physiological response initiated (in healthy individuals) at a body temperature of about 36 degrees C (96.8 degrees F). This temperature is called the shivering threshold. Can you...
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    Thermoregulation and body temperature

    Many threads on PR concern the oft-reported observation that body temperature in ME/CFS patients is below normal and variable. Even the artists who are part of the ME/CFS community often depict patients bundled in layer upon layer of blankets. The thermometers tell us your core body temperature...
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    Article/Study: „Knocking out 1 protein may cure the common cold“

    Article: „Knocking out 1 protein may cure the common cold“ Study: Enterovirus pathogenesis requires the host methyltransferase SETD3, Nature Microbiology, Page 2058-5276,