1. ChookityPop

    What do you eat? How do you do with fat vs carbs etc?

    Is there a general concencus on what to eat with cfs? How are you guys doing on carbs vs fat? How strict are you? I eat nose to tail carnivore diet. Im very strict with the diet since I feel better on it. I did eat about 50-80g raw honey a day as carb source this summer and felt great after...
  2. ChookityPop

    Replenish Glycogen stores on a low carb/zero carb diet?

    Im eating a nose to tail carnivore diet with the some veggies and berries here and there. But I tried to add raw honey as a carb source this summer and honestly felt the best Ive felt since I got sick "again" last year. My muscles felt the most robust since getting sick. I crashed and my...
  3. belize44

    Carnivore Diet

    This topic is for offering support and sharing experiences for people with ME/CFIDS who have tried or are currently on a Carnivore diet. This thread is not for debating the merits of the Carnivore diet. Please refrain from doing so.