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  1. SWAlexander

    Treatment of 95 post-Covid patients with SSRIs

    Abstract After Covid-19 infection, 12.5% develops post-Covid-syndrome (PCS). Symptoms indicate numerous affected organ systems. After a year, chronic fatigue, dysautonomia and neurological and neuropsychiatric complaints predominate. In this study, 95 PCS patients were treated with selective...
  2. A

    One of Long COVID’s Worst Symptoms Is Also Its Most Misunderstood (mentions ME/CFS)

    One of Long COVID’s Worst Symptoms Is Also Its Most Misunderstood Brain fog isn’t like a hangover or depression. It’s a disorder of executive function that makes basic cognitive tasks absurdly hard...
  3. H

    How to objectify brain fog / cognitive dysfunction?

    I was always wondering, if brain fog / cognitive issues are part of my issue. I mean, it seems so, somehow. When I take a look on the ICC and CCC criteria, I match nearly every cognitive problem mentioned there. Its definitely a much milder form of cognitive problems than others have. At least...